Parts Integration Coaching

Exploring our
inner world.

Creating harmony within.


We each have an inner world made from our awareness, thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams, perceptions, opinions, preferences, self images and stories.

When we have harmony and peace within our inner world,
life can feel simpler, in the flow, meaningful and fulfilling.

States of stress, tension, anxiety, depression all come when there is unbalance within. We may have inner conflict, negativity, self doubt, lack of self esteem, low confidence, critical or judgemental thoughts. Each of these can lead to us feeling disconnected, out of rhythm with life and clouded.

Parts integration coaching offers a uniquely holistic perspective to bring our whole self together.

empowerment balance expansion

freedom joy relaxation


10 minute discovery call
Ensure we are the right fit before booking your first session.

Available via phone
& Zoom

Call & Whatsapp:
+44 7562 716 908

Session rates

Available in person
& via Zoom

One hour
low income £70

Two hours
low income £130

Sessions available as one-off support for specific issues.
Ongoing support available in weekly and monthly sessions.

Sessions with Elle really helped me to piece together what a positive future could look like and how I can make steps forward– Carla


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